Why oh why do people insist on having pictures of themselves plastered all over the internet? It is a sure fire why of leading to some sort of trouble yet people are persistent in their quest to have their face online. The whole world of uploading pictures on Facebook is one that I do not understand very well, I don’t know if it is because I am no longer a teenager (and haven’t been for some time) or it just has not caught on with me as much as it has with some others but it still baffle me why people choose to upload pictures `1of their entire life on the internet. I know that it is more of a female thing to do so I asked some of the London escorts why this was such a popular past time for so many girls and most of them just said that it was because they wanted all of their Facebook ‘friends’ to see what they were up to and if there were any nice pictures of them they like to show off how pretty they look.

This just makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever, it is almost like documenting your entire life on the internet and showing everyone where you have been, what you have been doing and who you have been with. It just seems a bit of a recipe for disaster, especially for those in relationships. I know quite a few of my mates that have gotten into trouble just because of some Facebook pictures, one of them was in a picture with a busty escort in London, just a friendly picture on a night out that one of the girls then put up and tagged him in. His girlfriend went ballistic apparently and it caused such a big argument that they eventually broke up even though nothing actually happened, it was just a Facebook picture. I know the escorts in London are gorgeous but for a girl to get that angry over a picture seems a bit much.

This is the culture that it has created though, so many pictures are put up on Facebook now, even if someone does not want a certain picture of them put up they have no power to stop it, unless the person that has put it up decides to take it down then there is nothing that can be done. It is not only being caught in a picture with a London escort that my friend had to worry about, he was also pictured somewhere that he said he wasn’t on that particular night and this caused even more drama. He wasn’t actually doing anything shady he just didn’t want to mention he had been there as he didn’t want his girlfriend to get upset that she hadn’t been invited because it was one of her favourite bars.Whether we like it or not it looks like Facebook pictures and tagging are here to stay and we’d all better get used to it, just don’t been seen in a picture with a London escort if you have a girlfriend.

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