There is a lot of prejudice that surrounds ginger people, especially ginger girls but I think that some of the sexy escorts London has to offer with ginger hair can go a long way to changing the common idea that gingers are not hot. I watched a recent episode of animated TV comedy show South Park the other day and in the show, which was pretty much a hate campaign against gingers, albeit a very funny one, the shows creators implied that you will never find a ginger girl that is attractive, unless it is perhaps a blonde or a brunette that is already attractive and decides to dye their hair ginger. Well although I myself have had reservations about gingers in the past I must say that the inference that no ginger girl can be attractive is not at all true, how do I know that? Because some of our London escorts are ginger and not one of our girls could ever be described as ‘unattractive’.

We strive to ensure that we provide girls for all tastes, whilst we may have more blonde escorts in London, we do still have some really hot ginger girls on our books so don’t go believing that the attractive ginger girl is a myth, because this really is not the case. The hair colour of a female can quite often lead to a lot of unfounded stereotypes about her, people often say that blondes have more fun, and although our blonde escorts in Londonare good fun, the brunettes, the black haired and the ginger girls are all equally as fun, not to mention equally as hot!

As well as the stereotype that gingers are never attractive I have also heard one that states that ginger girls are much more ‘firery’, meaning that they are a lot more intense and liable to have outbursts of rage. I find that one the funniest as it has obviously been attributed to the fact that they are ‘red heads’ which can be loosely compared with fire because of the slight similarity in colour, so whoever has come up with that one I assume has met a ginger girl that may have been a bit intense and somehow put 2 and 2 together to make 3, eventually coming out with the idea that red hair = rage. If red heads are your preference then do not fear, if you have not yet located a hot enough ginger girl to meet up with then check out some of our London escorts, I am sure that once you see the selection of gorgeous ginger girls that we have you will be writing an email to the creators of South Park yourself expressing just how wrong you think they are.

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