We have all been there, your relationship has been going for some time now and you decide that it might be time to end things, as much as you love, like or care about someone some times relationships just run their course and you know deep down that it is perhaps time for you both to move on, but as easy as it is to type, it is much more difficult to put into practise. You cannot exactly just stroll up to a girlfriend of 2 years and say “sorry love it’s over” can you? But as difficult as it can be it is no reason to stay with someone just because you have no idea how to end it.

I have had this kind of uncomfortable and unfortunate situation with an ex-girlfriend, it became obvious that we shouldn’t be together but I just couldn’t break it off, I could never actually bring myself to just do it so I allowed it to just coast along. I sought advice from some female friends and the London escort girls and they all said that I needed to end it but every time I tried I failed miserably so gave up in the end. This continued for quite some time until one random night out when it all changed, I was out with some of my mates and a few of the escorts in London and I bumped into an old female friend that I had always had a little thing for. We got talking and it became clear that she may have shared the same ‘crush’ for me, so we exchanged numbers and just like that I was ready to tell my girlfriend at the time that we had to end things. It was obvious that I just needed that extra little push to get out of my habits, once I had found something that was a bit new and a bit exciting it became a lot easier to let her go because evidently I was a bit afraid of not being with someone and the thought that I might not find anyone else, but once I had the realisation that I would be fine in this department it became a lot easier.

I recently had a mate that was in a similar situation so I suggested to him that he hire a busty London escortfor a weekend, spend some time with her and realise that he can talk to other girls and have a good time with other girls.After the weekend that he spent with the London escort he promptly did what he had been meaning to do for so long. So if you ever find yourself in this situation then do the same as my mate and get rid of someone the easy way and then go and get a full service massage from a London escort to celebrate

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