I just wanted to talk to you about the fantastic collection of girls that we have at the moment. I’ll be the first to admit that, in the past, this has not always been the case. It’s taken us years to build a reputation in this Industry…of course, by definition reputations are not built over night, but I finally feel that 24 Carat is beginning to make a few heads turn.

I say that because we have clearly built a client base..we have what would appear to be a loyal core of clients who use us week after week (you could be two timing us of course I can’t be sure) and the knock on effect of this is that word gets around in the Escort circles and you start to attract the more attractive girls.Yes we are starting to build a momentum..God I’m sounding like a football manager being interviewed after his team has strung 3 wins together, but yes we are and its exciting to see because in this Industry success breeds success.

Let me present you with the facts: Ramona:

Ramona, Romanian Escort, Earls Court Escort , SW5 Escort , Earls Court Escort,West Brompton Escort, Gloucester Road Escort

errmmm hello? need I say anything? Is she not the most beautiful woman? Really if you saw her across a crowded bar or restaurant or train carriage she’s one of those girls you just cant take your eyes off.

Erika No 2 is also in the Glamour Models stakes..she’s your homework..to find Erika on the site and then tell me in 100 words what you think of her…best answer gets a discounted incall.

Just on a final note, I think also it’s the economic climate which has helped us. As a client it must be hard to justify paying £250 + an hour for a girl but when you see the calibre of the girls we’re attracting to our site, is there really a  need? OK the big Agencies will argue that they charge more because they include ‘everything’ in the price, but we see ourselves as the Easyjet of Escorting…maybe EasyEscort…we give you the choice, you get the basic service, if you want the a la carte meal or the champagne, you just have to pay a little extra. The great thing with us is you’re not paying for someone else to quaff champagne whilst you sip on a diet coke…OK Airline analogy over…but you get the point, you are in control of the cost of your date and any extra goes direct to the girl, she pays us a flat rate for us introducing you guys, no more.

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