Going to the theatre is quite a rare treat, it isn’t something that any of us do that often, unless you are one of the London escorts who get taken to the theatre quite regularly, but not all of us can be that hot that so many people will want to take us to see plays and the like, so we shall move on. For those that are not frequent theatre goers it can be quite difficult to choose exactly what you would like to see and in what theatres. It is never easy to decide whether you will actually like the play or not, I actually tend to get a little bit bored when watching certain productions, I like it to be quite engrossing and easy to follow with a lot of good stage production, I find that I can get bored quite easily just watching people talk on stage, for this reason I often ask the London escorts what plays are worth seeing, they tend to know my taste and I tend to trust theirs so it is quite a successful arrangement. It works extra well because I can then impart this wisdom on you guys and suggest good things for you to go and see should you choose to go to the theatre with one of the London escorts.

I have always been quite a big fan of horror and thriller when it comes to films and if the same feeling that you get when watching this kind of film can be transferred to the stage when it comes to watching a play then I am usually happy. There are two big theatre productions currently in the West End that fit this criteria very well, they are Ghost Stories and The Woman in Black. Both are quite well known and for good reason they are very entertaining and at parts actually quite scary which is impressive for something that you are watching live in the theatre. There is also another one that has recently come out, a bit cheaper than the big ones in the West End but just as good. It is called Haunting Julia and it is currently be shown in Hammersmith at the Riverside Studio. It is quite a small production but it is very watchable and very enjoyable, a great option if you want to hire a London escort to go to the theatre with you but you are on a bit of a tight budget.

Don’t worry, despite their good looks the girls are not stuck up about the price that you pay for things, I know it is hard to believe but the best looking girls are always only after the guys with loads of money. So if going to the theatre is long overdue for you make sure you give one of the escorts in London a call and rectify that matter.

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