Here at 24carat I have persuaded all staff including all our Escorts in London to sign up to the Organ Donor Register. It’s a great cause and here’s the link http://www.uktransplant.org.uk  The fact is that you can’t take it with you and when you’re gone, so why not leave a legacy by enabling someone else to have a decent life by giving them your kidneys, corneas or heart.

I’ve asked our London Escorts to encourage you guys to do the same. Lets face it when you’ve got Julia staring into your eyes with those huge ‘bush babies’ fluttering, it’s enough to put a strain on most of your bodies organs, especially the heart, so wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that should the unthinkable happen and one of our Busty London Escorts sends you over the edge and into the next World, you know that it won’t be a total waste.

Yes we’re a responsible lot here at 24carat. We always recycle if we can…if a Brunette Escort decides on a colour change she will soon resurface on the Blonde Escorts page. Equally if one of our Escorts in London gets a boob job, providing it’s an increase in size she will also appear on the Busty Escorts in London page. We’re good like that I think.

So have a heart and sign up for organ donation and then when you conk out half way through a date you’ll know there’s someone somewhere who will still be in the game. As a special offer we’ll track down that person and let him (assuming it’s a him and he’s over 18) finish your date for you.

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