Ever since that film When Harry met Sally when Meg Ryan famously illustrated how easily a woman can fake an Orgasm the debate has raged…but not about whether women do fake it…that’s obviously yes…but whether we should give a shit or not!!


I’m on the ‘I don’t give a shit team’. I’ve had my fair share of encounters where a girl is so obviously faking it, I just ask her politely to keep it down whilst I get on with the business of satisfying myself. If you’re in a situation with a ‘professional’ then surely you’re sensible enough to do the maths and understand that no matter how good your technique, their are factors that are firmly against the possibility.


I must admit bringing a ‘working girl’ to a genuine orgasm gets me going. It sort of implies that you must have a good technique and that maybe the girl is not totally repulsed at the thought of you..I guess that’s my insecurity and need for approval coming out. But I see that as a bonus and I will settle for someone whose good at faking it. When you’re ‘chowing down’ on a girl it pays to take a look up occasionally. In the past I’ve mistakenly gone for the sound track alone..only to take a glance up and catch her obviously mentally writing her shopping list. On one occasion a woman screamed ‘skimmed milk and bin liners’..that was a dead give away and judging by her face she was on checkout.


That is simply par for the course and as I said, the secret is to find a girl whose really good at faking it and then it doesn’t matter whether they’re actually faking it or not..the main point is that YOU don’t fake it. There have been times when I wished we could…when you’re really not in the mood but you partners like a caged animal but in that case she just has to make do with a good licking and I guess, thinking back, it’s not very often that presented with a rampant woman begging for me to fuck her..that I can’t finish the job..I find an amorous woman very exciting.


So that’s the bottom line…don’t worry about it. Work on your oral technique and if the girl is obviously faking it just ask her not to bother and make a mental note not to go to that girl again. If she’s you’re partner of course you’ve got to ask the question why? If it’s because she was just a bit tired and didn’t want to let you down then fair enough..if she’s just come back from a weeks holiday in the Gambia with her girlfriends then get yourself checked out medically and have a serious chat..and move the cash out of your joint account and into that secret little nest egg account she knows nothing about…God, financial advice as well now LOL.

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