OK,OK I admit it, I love the internet, I am on it pretty much everyday and without it myself and the London escorts would probably be without a job so I have to say it, we couldn’t live without it. As far as technological advancements go it is all well and good saying that the iPod is one of the best along with SKY plus or even the personal computer or laptop, these are all huge steps forward in the world of technology but I don’t believe that anything comes close to the importance of the internet. It feels as though it has been around for an eternity when in fact it is barely 20 years old.  Yesterday, at the London escort HQ we were talking about what would actually happen if the internet was to just shutdown worldwide and a lot of the escorts in London were of the opinion that the world would shut down with it. I myself will have to agree with the London escorts, if the internet was to somehow be taken away from us I honestly believe that it would be almost as big a disaster as the current nuclear/tsunami/earthquake crisis that is going down in Japan. So much relies on the internet now that it would be an absolute tragedy if it were to ever go down.

From communication via the likes of e-mail, instant messaging and social networking to shopping online, to the stockmarket and news, we would be losing so much and we would have absolutely no alternative to turn to as a back up.It does make me question how we ever really lived without it, I remember when the internet first started to become quite commercial (it is quite weird to think that I was alive for the birth of the at home internet connection, even though I am not that old). We had a 56k dial up modem in the house that made that horrible screeching noise after the dial tone, once it eventually connected it meant that no one that phoned the house could get through and that if the phone was picked up we would be disconnected.

I remember being so fascinated at the fact that I was sitting in my house in London and I could go to a chat room (yes I went to chat room, the London escorts laugh at me all the time about that) and talk to someone that was in America, for that reason alone the internet was an amazing tool for me and that was before you could do all the great things you can do with it now. So it is safe to say that life for me, for you, for the London escorts and everyone else would be very difficult without the internet. It is difficult to envisage there ever being another invention or advancement that changes things in the same way that the internet has so it may well go down in history as the most important technological advancement ever.

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