Everyone has been going on and on about the 2012 Olympics that are coming to London, apparently it is going to be great for the city as it will bring a lot of tourism, as if there wasn’t enough? I was having a conversation with some of the London escort girls the other day and they have noticed the same thing that I have…..most of the people that can be found in central London areas such as Oxford Street and Leicester Square are actually tourists already so when the Olympics finally come around it will surely mean that much of the city is populated by tourists which will mean more packed out trains and generally more congestion everywhere which will just be a nuisance for the people that already live in London and have to go about their daily business of travelling to work or school.

One of the escorts in London was actually telling me that she had read in a newspaper that the government are planning to advise London residents to travel to and from work using alternative transport. So they are expecting people to walk or cycle to work instead of getting buses and trains as they try to keep down congestion during the Olympics, this doesn’t seem like a good thing for the city and I can tell you that the escorts in London will not be walking or cycling to work.

There are some positives that have come from London winning the Olympic bid however, such as the regeneration of that part of London and there have also been talks that they are going to make mobile phone signal available on the London Underground which will be nice, or maybe a bit annoying, but I will go with nice for now.

I suppose it will be interesting to be able to go and see some of the events, if you are majorly interested in Olympic events then you may want to hire an escort in London and go and enjoy the event with her. It will certainly be an interesting time for London, there has not been a big event like this in London for quite some time and it will be interesting to see how the city deals with it, but until then we had better prepare ourselves for even more train line closures and delays as they get the city ready , hopefully it will all have been worth it.

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