In keeping with the latest string of kiss and tell tabloid stories involving escorts, we’ve decided to launch our very own series of Notable Escorts, highlighting some of the most well known ladies to emerge from the profession in recent years. With a new revelation seemingly coming out every month, we appreciate that it may be difficult to get your escort girl facts right, and this weekly segment may be just what you need to brush up on your trivia. Who knows, we may even launch a 24 Carat Escorts Pub Quiz!

The honour of the first entry will be given to not other than Jennifer Thompson, the brunette escort whose revelations have rocked the lives of Wayne Rooney, his missus Colleen, and their families. Its not because we think that Jennifer is particularly outstanding. We just recognise that her fifteen minutes of fame is quickly coming to an end and that she will soon sink into obscurity.
The 21 year old Ms. Thompson is the indulged daughter of middle class parents, educated at some of the best schools in the UK and the Middle East, where her father worked within the oil industry. She does have a great body, which the many photos which have been published since her revelations about wild romps with Roo can support. ‘Close’ sources say Jen fancies herself a bit of a WAG, loving the high rolling lifestyle often associated with Premiership Players. Although Rooney has been the focus of attention, this brunette hottie claims that she has bedded over thirteen premiership players. Her meetings with Wayne allegedly took place while his wife was pregnant with their son, and Jen pocketed a respectable £1000 each night she spent with the Manchester and England striker. In the spirit of true friendship, she and mate Helen Woods treated Roo to a threesome, and both posed for the media and presumably split the cash for that particular tell all. Her decision to make the trysts public at this time is based on her desire not to let Wayne ‘get away with it,’ even though it had been almost a year since the two had any contact.
Jen is known for being a party girl, working as an escort girl to fund months of fun and frolic in Spain. Hopefully the money from her stories is enough to fund her lifestyle, as we doubt she’s been meeting any clients willing to shell out the amount Roo did. You know, recession and all that.

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