Naughty but nice I guess is what we mean don’t we. If I had to define what are  naughty escorts it would be the girls who go that little bit further than most to give a guy the kind of experience he can’t get at home. I’d add the proviso with this that ultimately anything that happens with your escort is the escort’s decision. Nothing is ever guaranteed but if you think of those things that it’s hard to get round to asking your new girlfriend to do for you then generally speaking naughty escorts will take away that potential embarrassment. So maybe you’re just starting a new relationship and you haven’t quite worked out where the boundaries lie yet and you don’t want to ruin everything.

Maybe you’ve been married a while and the wife just will not entertain your ‘sexually perverse and debauched behaviour (her words not mine). Maybe you’re not sure if you’re going to like something so you want to try it out first and experiment in a controlled environment. God it sounds like you’re about to fuck a Lab rat. All these possibilities call out for the services of a naughty escort to guide you through, as a willing partner without the awkwardness that you might experience with your wife/girlfriend.


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