It occurred to me this week what a huge percentage of TV shows are dedicated to the search for youth and beauty. These are glorified beyond anything else – even intelligence, specialist skills and talents, altruism – and we put the people that possess them on broadcasting pedestals that stand the test of time. ‘Baywatch’ is a show that looms large in most peoples’ memories for flaunting an array of gorgeous young babes (almost as gorgeous as our London Escorts) on the beach.

For those who nature designed would never be pretty enough to appear on a show like ‘Baywatch’, or who are simply past their prime, the only likely telly opportunity is an appearance on one of the multitude of reality TV programmes that try to convert these bedraggled souls into glamorous beauty queens, and reclaim some of their vanishing youth. Think ’10 Years Younger’ or ‘How to Look Good Naked’, ‘What Not to Wear’ among many others.

Often these makeovers really do seem to work wonders. Participants – mainly ladies – do indeed, with the help of cosmetic procedures, a new hair-do and great make-up, appear to shed years and impress all those around them. While some of these people need a good drink from the fountain of youth, more than anything else, there are some women who are still young and provide a reasonable enough ‘blank canvas’. Their problems are easier, at least physically, to fix. They just need to be taught what kind of clothes look good on them, how to style their hair and apply dazzling make-up. Often they need some training in confidence too, as their lack of self-belief, or just laziness, is detracting from their natural attractiveness.

These shows’ follow-up programmes are often disappointing, however. Bad habits have been reverted to. Stains on the teeth have begun to reappear. Baggy slacks have been slipped back on. The hair-do has grown out and gone frizzy from a lack of upkeep. Make-up routines have been forgotten and a lack of confidence have crept back in. It seems many people just do not have the energy, time or determination to maintain their appearance or self-esteem.

All this makes me realise, how lucky we are at 24-Carat Escorts to have a collection of girls that really, truly care about how they look – all the time. And not just how they look, but how they feel and come across to others. They know that in this business, their looks and demeanour are everything, and as such they put 100% into all aspects of themselves. A happy, beautiful London Escort makes for a very happy client when he dates her.

Escorts in London know that British gentleman have very high standards when it comes to their women, and this inspires some competitiveness in their desire to be the best. It’s their job to look a million dollars – they don’t have to try and fit it in around shifts at the supermarket or doing the school run. Be they Busty Escorts, Blonde Escorts or any other type, they take their grooming seriously. Their hair shines like gold (or ruby, or jet, if this is your preference), and they will be bedecked in the best lingerie.

Apart from anything, they are naturally young and very beautiful to start with, and this is one reason why they are so good in their chosen profession. They are lucky that they do not have to slave for hours to look amazing. This is important to them and to us as an agency as we like our girls to be ready for short-notice dates – ideally with the client in about 45-minutes from the time of booking. Therefore it is essential that they go through the day looking gorgeous – this is their minimum standard!

Our London Escorts are dedicated to your pleasure – they can be your very own Baywatch babe if that’s what you desire!

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