I just thought you might like some feedback from our London Escorts as to what makes the perfect date and what makes the perfect partner as far as our Escort Girls are concerned. Firstly hygiene…pretty basic no surprises that the most important thing is to be clean. If you’ve been at work all day then please take the offer of a shower, if you’re at home, freshen up before the girl arrives. Second is not being shit faced. no one likes hanging out with someone whose drunk…obviously if you’ve booked a party girl and you both take a drink that’s fine, but giving you what the girls like, I’ll tell you they like sober guys.

Respect is a big thing. Take the time to make your London Escort girls acquaintance please…introduce yourself and at least a few minutes just for a little small talk…pretend you’re at the hairdressers and a present of some kind is always appreciated…chocolates…flowers…perfume (if you bother to find out what the girls favourite is first) or just a nice bottle of wine for the two of you to share. These are the fundamental things that our Escort Girls in London like. After that it really becomes about your personality and what you look like. Some girls like older men because they usually  have a great attitude and are more charming, some London Escort girls like the younger more athletic types and are not too worried about how suave you are and of course it also depends on their mood…as you know yourself, sometimes you want sweet some times you want savory.

Well I hope that helps you to get the basics right, if you can build a rapport with your Escort Girl, make her laugh, then that’s probably the best aphrodisiac but get the fundamentals right, and you stand the best chance possible of a great experience.

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