The big it OK to hire an escort? Is it morally acceptable? Society would have us believe no. You would never dream of going into the office and telling your work colleagues that you had a beautiful escort delivered to your door last night. I guess you might tell your closest mates, if they were a fairly hedonistic bunch themselves…ie if you play Rugby you’d probably tell your Rugby mates because after the Czech Tour, well, you’re ALL going to Hell anyway!!

So I guess we have to say generally no, but I would like to argue that Society has to change. Escorts will always be available and I think the stats are that 2 in 10 guys have admitted to dating one in the last 12 months. So the true figure must be much higher than that and therefore it is a good chance that not only Mr O’Driscoll the head honcho has hired one, but Peter the cool IT guy who drives a Z4 may well have done as well.


Take it from me, it’s all shapes, sizes, professions and ages and you do not need to feel bad, The girls are all free and easy and mostly single, and you guys cover every demographic that can be imagined. Next time you’re at the coffee machine with Peter drop it into the conversation, but don’t tell O’Driscoll.

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