Too many people these days think that money is the be all and end all of everything, I sometimes think that and so do the London escorts but it is important that we just enjoy life without worrying too much about cash. I am sure that many of you will be familiar with the statement that money does not buy happiness, it is a phrase that has been banded about for some time now, often by people that have had troubles in their life despite the fact that they have a lot of money or by people that do not have any money at all and seek re assurance of the fact that even if they were to have some they would not necessarily be that happy.

I sit on the fence when it comes to this, I think that it all depends on the person and their situation and how their riches have come to them as well as the fact that happiness is relative to each different individual. For example, many of you would be happy by hiring a London escort and going and having a good night with her in a bar or restaurant, you do not need a lot of money to do this but it would more than likely make you happy wouldn’t it? In saying that, if you did have a lot of money then you can hire busty escorts in London whenever you like, you can take them out, have them stay over, take them away with you, whatever you want really and this too would make you happy I am sure, so it is difficult to say conclusively whether or not money does make you happy or not in a situation like this. I would consider myself a relatively happy person, I am happy with my job at the London escort HQ, I am happy with my group of mates and with my family, I quite enjoy my life so that would qualify me as a happy person wouldn’t you say? But I am sure I would be even happier if won £10,000,000 in the national lottery this weekend. I would then be able to give my friends and family (and maybe the London escorts) whatever they like as well as being able to by my dream home and my dream car etc.

When I think about it like this I feel that money can add to happiness but I do not think that it guarantees happiness at all. Not that I have any experience in it but I think that having a lot of money may come with problems that we do not envision. Whilst having lots of money and being able to hire lots of London escortsmay fulfil one part of your life you may have problems in another part that money cannot fix so I do not think that money can buy happiness but I do feel as though it can help contribute to a happier time

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