I’m an ‘old’ bloke..well at least I’m old enough to remember the Miss World competition. Did you know it’s still going? Just google it and you will see a bevvy of beautiful women still prepared to ‘demean’ themselves for the salacious delectation of men….yes!! bring it on.

Yes the ugly hairy lesbian brigade put a stop to the televising of that little bit of heaven many a year ago. To be honest it never was THAT good. A bit ‘cheesy’ and the pretty one never seem to win (maybe it’s just my warped taste in women). Various different judges who you knew were probably shagging Miss Venezuela in return for their vote all trying to justify their choice. Yes Miss World went the way of Love Thy Neighbour, Mind Your Language’ and the Benny Hill Show…but only to be replaced by Internet Porn and actual shagging on some ‘lifestyle’ programs you can find with a bit of late night Channel hopping.

I’m not convinced it’s a better World and if the emancipated woman was so incensed by Miss World why aren’t they screaming blue murder about the Gangster Rap videos that the kids are watching…that’s the real sexualisation of women..not Miss Costa Rica in a swim suit telling us she wants World Peace.

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