Miss Universe 2010 crowned

For those of you who were busy catching the last rays of summer sunshine yesterday, you missed out on a truly delightful display of feminine flesh during the annual Miss Universe pageant. This year’s competition reflected a serious move towards making it more commercially appealing, and affording the girls an opportunity to reasonably pursue a modelling career instead of simply disappearing in their home countries. The most obvious sign of this had to be the swimsuit photos, which were much more racy and creative than in previous competitions. Some of the photos were simply stunning, with the girls’ sporting body paint and shape flattering swimwear.  Beautiful women smeared with paint could never be said to be a bad idea, and whoever conceptualised the shoot would make mega bucks if they ever decided to become a top London Escort photographer. There seems to have been a great selection of girls at the national level this year, with very few ladies failing to make your heart beat ever so slightly faster when they sashayed their toned bodies across the stage and smiled blindingly for the cameras and to us folks watching on tele.

The countries certainly did a great job selecting beautiful girls as their representatives. Many of the contestants were just breathtaking. Several of them even looked like the brunette escorts that work with us here. Their confidence and beauty just shone through, and it certainly must have been hard for the judges to decide on the top five, and then the winner.

In the end, Ms. Mexico scooped the crown. This gorgeous brunette proved to be no air headed miss when it came on to answering the final questions. Ms. Jamaica took the first runner up spot, and if she represents the calibre of girls coming out of that small island, I certainly need to book a trip, pronto. Misses Australia, Ukraine and Philippines rounded out the top five.

The countries representing the top 5 really represent the reality that gorgeous women can be found the world over.  From Latin America and the Caribbean, to Eastern Europe and South East Asia, smart, beautiful women abound. And luckily for us, many of them make their way to London at some point and end up working as Escort Girls. They find it a great way to enjoy the city and meet new people, and we London blokes benefit from having a truly universal experience without needing to leave the city.

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