When you’re choosing one of our London Escorts I find it fascinating to discuss who chooses who and how they come to their decision and why. I know we all have our preferences and I have noticed a definite trend in recent years towards the Mature Escort. This comes mainly from the younger men maybe in their 30’s who use our services. In our terms we consider a girl ‘mature’ when she’s in her late 20’s. Yes I know that seems a little ridiculous but the young guys do see it that way.

You can imagine that if a girl has been an Escort since 19 or 20, by 28, she has a wealth of experience (if she’s lasted that long) and so in this way maturity is not just about how old you are, but what’s in your head. You’re got to be the Ryan Giggs of Escortng to make a career in this industry. You’ve got to look after yourself. Substance or alchohol abuse is clearly out and the more healthier your lifestyle ie lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and no cancer sticks. This kind of approach makes our Mature Escorts a very attractive prospect. They can guide the uninitiated through the process with ease and make you feel a very special person without the attitude that the younger escorts sometimes have.

Having said that I’m afraid as you get a little bit older it seems to change. When you’re in your early 30’s basically you know you potentially could date almost any woman. There are always going to be younger girls who will be looking for the more mature guy to give them love and support. Equally there will be older women in their early to mid 40’s who are still VERY attractive yet offer that relaxed attitude and added technique. But as you begin to reach early 40’s yourself, young girls in society will naturally start to phase you out of there game plan. You start to become invisible you’re so far off their radar.

This is a fact that can be difficult to cope with and accept. All of a sudden the mature women that seemed so attractive when you were 30, start to just look ,well, old. It’s that old adage you always want what you can’t have and that’s when the mind set starts to change…maybe call it a mid life crisis if you will, but it starts to change and then you start to appreciate the younger women. All of a sudden it becomes not so much about the quality of the company, the Cougar mentality that’s so attractive, but the soft smooth skin of a 21 year old and her fresh clear complexion. You see you’ve shifted from guaranteed performance to the look as the most important criteria.

The great thing is that it doesn’t matter what you’re taste is. Whether you still favour the Cougar or you’re happier with the College graduate. 24carat Escorts agency have both types for you and there is no stigma attached to either choice. In fact surely that is what makes the Escort industry such a fantastic place to meet girls is that you are in control and you dictate to us exactly what you want.

As you may have guessed, I come into the ‘mature’ category in terms of clientelle. So I firmly favour the younger girl which inevitably does give me an advantage in terms of numbers. But please by all means seek out your Mature Escort on our site. I too will dip my toe into the water I think as writing this has made me think myself about the two genre’s relative merits and I’m thinking that Mature does deserve a revisit…that’s a little surprising considering my assessment above but hey, variety is the spice of life isn’t it.

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