The problem with living somewhere amazing, the West End escorts inform me, is that it can be difficult to switch off and resist the urge to go out on the town for the tenth time that week. In a way it’s like New York, in that it ‘never sleeps’, and neither do some of the escorts! When it comes to massage West End girls are a particularly enthusiastic bunch as the chance to rub away someone’s worries means a bit of rest and relaxation for them too, and an excuse to have a well-deserved bit of time at home away from the chaos of city life.

The West End is an area of central London containing many of the city’s major tourist attractions, businesses, headquarters and commercial theatres. It’s considered to be the entertainment centre of the UK, with the largest shopping district in Europe, is home to the film and theatre industry and has numerous upmarket bars, restaurants, hotels and nightclubs. Use of the term ‘West End’ began in the 19th century, when the area was favoured by the rich elite as a place of residence because it was usually upwind of smoke drifting from the crowded City. It’s also located close to the royal seat of Westminster, and is largely contained within the City of Westminster. Famous streets in the district include Oxford St, Regent St, Bond St, Baker St, Carnaby St, Park Lane, Piccadilly, King’s Rd, Shaftsbury Avenue, The Strand and Tottenham Court Road. Plus there are a total of eighteen tube stations in the area!

For anyone looking for a massage parlour west end escorts can offer the most spectacular quality massages within the comfortable surroundings of their lovely apartments. Before giving a massage West End girls always make sure their clients feel right at home, with conversation and drinks etc, as they know that the massage is only half as effective if the client is particularly nervous or uncomfortable in his surroundings. One girl that loves to deliver the ultimate W1 massage is blonde bombshell Dalila, whose feisty nature guarantees a strong massage that keeps you coming back for more. This busty, leggy girl welcomes the opportunity to spend time in a quite location with a client, as her job requires that she go out and about a lot, especially during the evening. Much as she loves this, it’s also a welcome relief to do incalls occasionally, and she admits preferring to give massages during the day when things are more relaxed.

Personally I love the kind of massage West End girls can deliver – in fact, given the choice; I would opt for this over a dinner date or a club. Maybe I’m just getting old! The thing is, once you’ve experienced a true W1 massage, it’s difficult to imagine anything else being as enjoyable. I guess it kind of ‘spoils’ you in that way.

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