My firm recommendation is that for anyone searching for a classy massage South Kensington may be the place for you. Because, as you probably know, it’s not just the massage parlour South Kensington can deliver but the whole package – beautiful housing (important for incall dates), lovely leafy streets, an interesting array of museums and parks plus a healthy variety of eating, drinking and entertainment venues. Additionally, this district located in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is easily accessible from central London, with two tube stations to pick from: Gloucester Road and South Kensington.

As someone who truly appreciates a great massage South Kensington is a crucial place on my map. An SW7 massage will always be a mind-blowing experience, even if it just takes place in a dream! I know this because a few nights ago I dreamed that I was searching for a massage parlour South Kensington had been in all the magazines because of, due to the beautiful girls and luxury experiences on offer. My dream self strolled to a swanky apartment in an old terraced house and was greeted by the jaw-droppingly beautiful Britney (this girl’s real, checkout the gallery! I’ve always had a serious crush on her!) Wearing nothing but a black bra and little denim hot pants, her wavy blonde hair cascading down her tanned back and a cheeky yet shy smile on her face. Of course, in my dream, I thought I must actually have died and gone to heaven! Leggy Britney ushered me in and made me comfortable before offering a glass of white wine. I noticed how she reminded me of a baby deer as she walked around. We chatted for a while, although my brain seemed to speed this bit up, because before I knew it she was pulling my clothes off and making me lie down on the bed. Then she poured some warm massage oil into her hands and began rubbing it all over my body, while talking and giggling away. I swear it was so real, when I woke up my muscles all felt relaxed as if I’d actually had a massage!

Britney is one 24-Carat’s most gorgeous, but also sweet girls. There’s something a bit shy and tender about her, that makes me think in another life she would be a librarian or nursery school teacher. That’s not to say she’s not one hell of an escort – she has beauty, passion and femininity, which are all very desirable characteristics, especially when you’re getting a massage!

But as I said earlier, it’s not just massage South Kensington does so well – it’s great quality living in general. Walking around this posh, attractive district where you’ll notice handbag dogs and ladies that lunch, you’d naturally expect nothing less than a top-quality massage and a faultless escort service.

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