Whether you want brilliant shopping, funky food, the great outdoors or a fantastic massage Kensington really is one of those lovely little pockets of London that seems to have it all. In fact, although it’s probably more famous for its shops and restaurants, when it comes to finding a decent massage parlour Kensington mustn’t be underestimated! The district is blessed by the residence of several of 24-Carat’s finest W8 massage girls, who are all very well practiced at delivering this time-honoured treatment to stressed clients.

When it comes to massage Kensington girls know that they have to do a really good job – it’s relatively easy to sit opposite someone in a restaurant looking pretty and coyly sipping wine, but using your hands and your entire being to totally relax another person is a highly developed skill that not everyone is able to master. Luckily for the clients of W8 massage escorts they can rest assured of being in good hands – literally! These girls have perfected the art of massage and can use it to relax, excite, stimulate of heal – whichever it is the client needs most. Obviously different girls are better at some kind of massage than others. Take the stunning Patty, for example – this young Spanish girl hardly knew anything of massage, or indeed escorting when she first arrived in London. But she’s a very quick learner and wasted no time in getting on top of the skill, quickly building up a loyal client base. At 24-Carat we considered ourselves very lucky when she wanted to be represented by us, but we prize massage skills in our girls so I went to check out Patty’s expertise in this department. I visited her at home in Kensington for a mock ‘date’ with massage, and I was delighted to find that she had the skills of an old pro! This despite being only 22. Patty is rarely without dates – punters love her clean, fresh looks and glossy black hair. She’s slender, lithe and deceptively strong! Maybe it’s the Latina spirit in her – but whatever it is, it means her massages have a calming, reassuring power about them that makes you feel you have safely relinquished all control of your body to another person! That’s a very pleasant sensation believe me! Patty is so accomplished at what she does that sometimes I even think she should be teaching escorting and massage classes to new girls starting in the business.

When people ask me the best places to go for a massage Kensington is always in the top few of my recommendation, partly because of the wonderful Patty, but also because of the other fantastic W8 massage girls there. And I think that this kind of date always works out better when conducted in a smart, comfortable apartment in a really nice part of London  -which is guaranteed when you visit a Kensington escort.

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