Picture this: it’s your office Christmas party and they’ve hired out a swanky restaurant in Soho. You have considered the Escorts London has to offer. Everybody from work will be there with their wives and girlfriends in tow. You’ve been anticipating it for weeks and it’s finally here. Fashionably late, you arrive at the venue with your date for the night. As you walk in through the front entrance, at first your colleagues don’t notice you – they thought you’d turn up on your own as usual or bring your dowdy friend from University.

Now choose from the following two scenarios:

Scenario One: As you approach, they glance up, clock you and look at who you’ve brought along. It’s Sandra, an old friend from college who by her own admission doesn’t get out much and although there’s less than zero physical attraction between you, you thought it better to have a date than be on your own. How wrong you were.  You feel their eyes run briefly over Sandra and you swear you witness them stifle a smug smile. As you join the group, Sandra blows her nose loudly and manages to disgust everyone sitting at the table. Her big nose red and puffy, she reaches over to shake your colleagues’ hands roughly and workman-like, before coughing and spluttering as she takes her seat. Apologizing for her cold, you remind yourself that she’s a nice person and a good friend, but you can’t help but feel embarrassed as she crosses her chunky, unshaven legs. Her hair is limp and mousy and her chin is covered in a slight down of hair. Across from you, you notice that the guy who works on the desk next to yours is here with an absolute babe who could easily get a job as one of the best Busty Escorts in London . You go to the bar to get the drinks and as you look over, you can’t help but notice how uncomfortable Sandra looks, not to mention un-glamourous. Your workmates fall silent as she talks over them over-excitedly about her recent dispute in the government department where she works. The night is going to be a long one.

Scenario Two: As you get nearer to them, they finally realise it’s you and raise their jaw-dropped faces in astonishment. On your arm is one of our London Escorts , dressed head to toe in black silk with a diamond necklace glittering at her throat. Her hair is long, blonde and silky and it shines in the warm glow of the restaurant. She’s tall, with perfect proportions and has a stunning face with a huge smile and pristine white teeth. As your colleagues sit there, dumb-struck, not one of them has the faintest idea that she is none other than a Blonde Escort in London . They look from you to her, from her to you, and they simply can’t make sense of what they’re seeing. Gracefully, she introduces herself and with a shy smile sits down and waits for you to go to the bar.

Over at the bar, you look over your shoulder and see her smiling politely as the other blokes try to compete for her attention. But tonight she only has eyes for you. As she looks over at you, you think to yourself how lucky you are for finding the most stunning Escort in London – maybe even in the world! Don’t make the mistake this year – call our girls now and arrange a date!

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