Following a recent tragic incident involving one of our more elderly clients and a rather over enthusiastic young busty escort  ( something to say Adella?). Can I please ask that if you have any potentially fatal heart conditions you consult your Doctor before booking one of our hottest women.

Maybe our Escort Girls in London should carry some kind of Government Health warning but until that’s compulsory then can I ask that you at least make us aware of these potential problems. There is no way that we would have agreed to Adella meeting this gentleman had we known the potential risks. We would have suggested a more laid back and gentle Escort Girl to meet him. Adella is awesome, just the sight of her oozes sex appeal and is enough to get any read blooded males heart pumping overtime. She is not for literally the ‘faint hearted’

So that is why 24carat is introducing our will writing service to ensure that our frailer clients are properly prepared for any eventuality. The last thing you want is to end your days in the arms of Adella yet all your worldly goods go to the Filipino wife who ditched you five years ago as soon as she got her British passport can help you sort out who gets what in a very discreet and budget conscious fashion..

All our girls undergo  resuscitation training and we have a very good relationship with the St John’s ambulance to whom we give a special freeby day where all our girls dress in the St Johns uniform. Also a popular day and way of saying thanks to the charity.

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