I recently got back from a festival and as I am sure many of you are aware festivals in summer often involve a fair amount of abuse to the body which in the end can cause a lot more trouble than you imagined. Having a bit of time away from the many escorts London has to offer allows me to let my hair down which of course can result in a fair amount of feeling sorry for myself afterwards and at this time there is no better to have a gorgeous female looking after you.

There always seems to be those specific times of year where everyone starts to get a bit ill. There will usually be some sort of bug going around, a cold or flu that seems to take hold on a specific few people and it will then spread to the point where you cannot even get on a train without hearing someone sniffling and constantly blowing their nose, and of course the dreaded sneeze that seems as though it is always directed in your specific direction.

What I don’t get is why people force themselves out to work when they are in such a state, I always tell the London escorts to just get better before they come in, there is no use having any of the London escort girls blowing their nose all day, I would always rather people just get better rather than force themselves in and risk contaminating others. A lot of people are quite scared of pulling sick days, they don’t feel as though saying that they have a cold or flu is a valid enough reason not to go into work but it really isn’t that  big of a deal. See it as a little treat for yourself, perhaps even take a visit to the London escort directory and hire one of the London escort girlsto come and help nurse you back to health.

The phrase ‘man flu’ seems to have become quite popular in the last few years so if us guys are going to be ridiculed for our reaction to being ill then maybe we should just milk it as much as possible and there is no better way to milk it then by hiring yourself a sexy London escort and maybe even getting a full service massage as part of her nursing you back to full health. There is nothing better than being looked after by a hot female when you aren’t feeling too great and the London escort girls are as lovely and caring as they come so if you’re feeling under the weather do not feel overly pressured to go to work, you could take the time out and get nursed back to health by one of the many escorts London has to offer, that’s an easy one!

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