Not that I am claiming to have been to every city in the world but I honestly believe that the escorts London has to offer are surely the best and with all the crap that is on TV at the moment it is a welcome distraction to have such gorgeous girls just around the corner!

Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any worse, we already have the annoyingly endearing The Only Way is Essex and the “it is so bad that I just have to watch it” Jersey Shore, we have now entered the abyss of crap television with the new show on E4 known as Made in Chelsea. I hadn’t even heard of it until the other day, I was sitting peacefully at the London escort HQ, getting on with some work until a couple of the escorts in London strolled in, switched on the TV and started to watch what can only be described as the worst show on television, and yes that does take into account Eastenders, Hollyoaks and Coronation Street, this makes them look like award winning dramas, it is that bad. Inevitably Channel 4 have tried to compete with ITV off the back of the popular Only Way is Essex, but the difference is that no one really likes or wants to see a bunch of posh, stuck up rich kids going about their life, people don’t actually care, but that didn’t stop the London escorts or myself watching it did it? Great! I can honestly say that unlike the annoyingly watchable Only Way is Essex  and Jersey Shore, I will not be watching Made in Chelsea each week, the females in it, despite being quite physically attractive are so incredibly annoying that I just cant’t bare it, the only positive that comes out of watching that show is that it makes me realise just how great the London escort girls really are.

These kinds of show always present good looking women as being annoying and pretty dumb and I often hear the London escort girls complaining about this fact, as despite the fact that they are all incredibly attractive (and yes they know they are) they are all more than capable of holding an intelligent conversation and I won’t say that they are not at all annoying, as most people tend to annoy me in some way shape or form but they are a dam sight less annoying then most of the people in that program I can tell you that for sure .If you think I am exaggerating how bad the program is then please go ahead and watch it for yourself, you will know exactly what I am talking about and you will then be clambering to hire a London escort to remind you that all gorgeous girls are not the devil!

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