Sometimes people spend far too much time and money on making sure that they look good as they believe that it is the only way that they can ensure that they feel good. But looking good does not always guarantee that you will feel good, sometimes you need something more, something like a busty escort in London.

Living in London we all know that fashion is one of the biggest influences on most of us, it can be a bit of a burden for some people whilst other people literally live for fashion, spending most of their money trying to keep up with it.

The trouble with fashion is that it constantly changes, you may spend hundreds of pounds on the latest clothes and shoes only for it to be deemed unfashionable a few weeks later. For some people fashion can be a bit of an obsession, I know a guy that goes on a little shopping spree at the end of every month after he has been paid, he spends well over half of his wages on clothes, shoes, hats, bags etc because he always wants to ensure that he is looking his best, wearing the latest men’s fashion.

The only problem is that when ever any of us invite him out he can never really afford it, unless we are just going for a quick drink down at the local pub he always has to opt out due to lack of funds, so where exactly does he wear all those clothes he buys?

A few weekends ago I was going on a big night out and some of the escorts in London were coming, I invited him out and informed him that some London escorts would be there to sweeten the deal and as usual he declined, but he seemed quite annoyed because he is a single guy and obviously hearing that some gorgeous London escorts were going to be out with us triggered him to want to come even more but he couldn’t. So I started asking myself whether it was worth sacrificing your fun in the name of fashion?

Whilst out with the London escorts I was of course admiring their beauty and having a good time  and I started to think what MR fashion was doing, I gave him a ring to find out and he was just sitting at home watching TV. So is fashion really that important? You can go and spend all of your money on truck loads of clothes but if you are only ever really going to be wearing them by yourself at home what is the point?

So before you plough all your money into buying stuff to make yourself look good consider what you could do to make yourself feel good in other ways!

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