I think our London Escorts have a part to play in keeping our society healthy. There are various studies that talk about the number of man hours lost every year due to stress and depression. The pressures of our society are such that more ‘man hours’ are lost at work through stress than anything else. That is an indication of the kind of pressure everyone is under at the moment.

It’s frustrating for us because we know from experience the positive effect our London Escorts can have on your state of mind. Spending a few hours with one of our girls, relaxing, unwinding, readjusting your perspective on life, can really make a difference in easing those tensions. Added to that a lot of the Escorts London can offer you also are qualified masseuses. The ultimate in relaxation is an erotic massage from one of our ladies. Call our reception girls and they can let you know which girls are qualified in massage. That is thrown in with the price so you won’t pay a penny extra for their special skills. However it might be advisable to book an extra hour for the festivities so that there is time to ‘cover all the bases’

Having established the therapeutic benefits of visiting an escort in London. We now call on the Government to finance our services as part of the NHS services. Surely it would make sense for them to step in an employ a little preventative medicine to deal with the problem. We would be happy to work with the Coalition to implement a pilot study to try to assess the value of such a move. Just imagine if you were feeling particularly stressed after a hard day in the office. You put in those extra hours that seem to have become a requirement for us all and you know that when it’s all done and dusted, you got to go home to an empty flat or maybe even a a irate wife whose going to heap more pressure on you. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ring up the Doctor, explain the situation and instead of him writing a prescription for anti depressants, he says OK I’ve booked you 2 hours with Vanessa at 24Carat Escorts. Surely that is going to cheer you up far more than popping a load of pills. Vanessa is a lovely girl and she comes with massage skills that will sooth you and relax you and remind you what life is all about.

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