Before you all go getting excited I am not about to advertise a place up for rent with the London escorts, I just thought I’d tease you a little bit with a misleading title that does actually relate to the post. Living all by myself has never really appealed to me, I am used to having a good few people in the house at any one time, since I was growing up my family was quite big so I became accustom to the house being quite lively. This remained the same throughout my university years as I moved into halls and ended up living with 7 other girls, yes you heard me right, 7 other girls. I was aware that the university that I went to had a 70% to 30% female to male ratio (which had nothing to do with why I went there… honestly) but I did not predict that I would end up living with so many girls, the trend has continued up to now as I now work with a bunch of girls in the shape of London escorts

As you can imagine when I realised that I was living with a group of just girls I was quite pleased, I thought that it would be quite good having a bunch of girls around, almost like my own little harem, but as you can imagine it did not turn out to be how I thought it would. Living with girls as hot as the busty escorts in London may be OK because they are all so hot and they are all quite cool girls, but these girls although they were all quite nice, were a bit of a nightmare to live with in all honesty. My first thoughts were that I would more than likely get a lot of meals cooked for me and that I would at least be living with some very tidy people who would be quite clean and generally nice to live with. This did not turn out to be the case as the girls were all even more untidy than me and they were not good cooks, in fact I was a better cook and I ended up having to do a lot of cooking and a lot of tidying which I was not happy about, and they weren’t even as hot as any of the escorts in London so it was not really even worthwhile, not the best situation.

If you are going to have to share a house with anyone then it has to be people that you can get on well with and if it has to be females then of course it is a bonus if they are hot. Whilst it is not possible to share a house solely with London escorts I am sure it is possible to find housemates that are almost as hot, just make sure that they can cook  a bit and that they are not overly messy or you will end up like me.




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