It is that time of the year again, where we start to decide which festival we should go to this summer , there are so many choices and they are pretty expensive so it is important that we choose the correct one and then prey each day that the weather turns out OK for the festival that we have chosen.

Summer festivals in the UK are normally thought of as being a pretty messy experience, say the name “Glastonbury” to anyone and they will immediately start coming up with images of people covered in mud and pouring rain. To anyone that has been they will tell you that this is probably quite a good description of it, I doubt very much that anyone would describe it as a sexy experience as it is definitely far from that most of the time.

But it doesn’t always have to be that way at all, people that go to these festivals often choose not to wash and to roll around in the mud and get really stuck in as that just tends to be what people do at such events. This year why not change it up a little bit, add a bit of sexiness to your summer music festival experience by taking a London escort along with you.

Taking a gorgeous escort from London to a festival with you is not the most common thing to do so it would be a great surprise to your mates if you were to show up with a stunning busty escort from London on your arm.

Do not assume that just because the girls are so attractive they will not be up for getting stuck in though, our girls love a festival just as much as the next person and any of them would be quite happy to follow the festival ritual with you of drinking way too much and not getting harldy any sleep, just don’t ask them to go into any the Portable toilets,  I think that they may draw the line at that.

There will be no conflict of interests when it comes to choosing which bands or DJ’s that you go to see either as our London escorts tend to have quite an eclectic taste in music so I doubt you will be getting into any scuffles over what to listen to whilst your roaming around the festival. So remember summer festivals do not have to be such an unsexy affair, pick up the phone and give one of our London escorts a call and book her for the weekend of your festival. The girls are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week so a few nights at a festival will be no problem whatsoever. Then the only thing that is left to do is wait and see as to whether the sun actually comes out! In any case make sure you bring your wellington boots!

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