Yes, we have all been there, you order something online or from a store that is too big for you to transport home and you arrange for home delivery. You ask what time your package or item will be delivered to you and you get the generic answer that it could be anytime between 9am and 6pm, which basically means a whole day of waiting in as you know that despite their estimation (which is not a very good one) of it being delivered between 9 and 5 it is more likely that it will end up at your house at 4:30pm perhaps after you have waited in all day, bored and thinking of all the other things that you could be spending your time doing, very frustrating! The best thing to do is make the best of a bad situation, make your day at home fun and enjoyable while you wait for the delivery man by hiring a London escort to wait in with you.

Instantly the whole prospect of this sort of day will have changed when you realise that you get to spend so much time with a busty escort in London. As tempting as it sounds, however, I am not suggesting that you just sit and stare at her all day, as entertaining and pleasurable as that may be. The London escorts are good fun too, they know how to have a laugh and they know how to make the best out of a bad situation so they are the perfect partner if you have to sit in doors all day.

It is funny how something that would usually be seen as quite mundane and boring can be invigorated and made much more exciting by the addition of another person that is fun and positive. For example, a day at home by yourself making food and watching films may seem quite boring and a bit lonely but think of doing the exact same thing with a London escort and it becomes much more appealing doesn’t it?

Just hope that you are not as unlucky as me in these situations. Not once, but twice I have waited in all day for a delivery, putting off all other plans and having to work from home just to wait for a washing machine to be delivered the first time and a pair of shoes the next only to be told, on both occasions that the delivery will not be able to be made on that day and that it would have to be rescheduled for the next day, I asked what time they thought it would be delivered the next day and you can guess what they said to me right? Yep, at some point between 9am-5pm, excellent.

Save yourself the boredom and hire a London escort if you ever find yourself in this situation, it will make everything a lot less frustrating and a lot sexier.

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