The last time I visited Kensington I ended up bumping into not one, not two, but three Kensington escorts that are represented by 24-Carat – all separately. Much as I love the place, it’s a bit of a bus man’s holiday going there in my spare time because I’m pretty much guaranteed to encounter some W8 escorts. This isn’t really a bad thing of course – seeing beautiful girls is a sure fire way to brighten any man’s day. The reason I always see the girls is because they’re addicted to the great shopping to be had on High Street Kensington – as escorts they’ve got the perfect excuse to go out splashing the cash on this season’s must have outfit. At the moment, it’s bikini season, with many of the ladies planning holidays abroad over the summer.

Most of the shops in Kensington are a bit pricey for me (I don’t earn as much as Kensington escorts!) – I tend to go there only when I’m feeling that I want to spend a bit of time in this trendy place, rather than when I have a load of shopping to do. I can certainly spend quite a bit of time window-shopping, much to my girlfriend’s fascination.  I also like the fact that with just a bit of walking I can be in the super-cool Notting Hill, to the north of Kensington, or Chelsea and Earl’s Court to the south, Brompton and Knightsbridge to the east or Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush to the west. All of these places have things to recommend them, their own character, festival and events etc. And if I’m feeling too lazy to walk there’s always three different tube stations I can make the most of – South Kensington, High Street Kensington and Gloucester Road – and obviously for anyone visiting incall escorts Kensington makes a very convenient location in terms of how well served it is by public transport. I secretly suspect that for escorts Kensington is a place they prefer not to have to leave too often! Although most of the gorgeous W8 escorts are open to incalls or outcalls, many of them simply like to meet dates in Kensington and enjoy the atmosphere and variety of venues it has to offer. It’s not just the great shopping, either (don’t worry, Kensington escorts don’t normally drag their hapless dates around the shops with them) – there’s also the lovely Holland Park, which is great for a stroll or a picnic, the serene Kensington Palace and gardens, which is a nice place to culture a bit of romance, I find, and of course the Royal Albert Hall if you’re in the mood for a really upmarket date.

I love the fact that beautiful Kensington escorts grace the streets of this already lovely London district – it just adds that extra dimension of charm and character that makes you want to keep going back there, even if you can’t afford the stuff in the shops.

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