I know quite a few people that make it one of their main purposes in life to ensure that they are purchasing all of the current and most up to date gadgets. If I am being honest with you, which I do often try to be, I myself used to be like that, I would be sitting at work in the London escort HQ looking at gadget websites and annoying the escorts in London by asking them what they thought I should buy. I would order something and be very excited waiting for it to come, I would eventually get it, mess around with it for a month or two and a newer, better version would be released rendering my version completely useless (useless in my eyes, simply because I was aware that my version was not the best one available on the market.)

This would usually be quite bad news for my friends and the London escorts as well as I would constantly moan about the fact that I had wasted my money whilst also deliberating whether or not to actually get the new one by selling my old one and adding some money on top of it. It became quite an annoying sequence of events as it happened quite frequently, there really is no way that you can keep up with it unless you are incredibly rich and unless you have a hell of a lot of time on your hands.

Eventually I decided to just give up, I do not bother looking at the same magazines and websites anymore, it just annoying now, I really don’t have the energy to get annoyed regarding gadgets anymore, especially with chief culprits Apple who release something that they make you pay hundreds of pounds for, only to release a better version soon after.

I have quite a few friends that still do it though, they spend all of their money chasing the latest gadget, yet they are always one step behind as they are not quite rich enough to afford everything the second it comes out. I told them that they could make themselves just as happy by hiring a gorgeous London escort every now and then, they might not be handheld gadgets but I can guarantee that they are a lot better to look at and they will not be upgraded within the month that you hire them.

If you are one of those that is addicted to gadgets then why not hire yourself a blonde escort in London and enjoy the lovely weather with her, then maybe you can be going home with a gorgeous girl instead of a shiny gadget in your pocket.

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