For the girls, again, things are a little vague. The same pay for the girls time, then the two of you decide what you want to do with each other. If the girl is a ‘working girl’ who works from a flat, then she is allowed to work with one other girl without the premises being classified as a brothel. She is not allowed to solicit for your business…ie streetwalk with the intention of selling sex.

The act of selling itself is not illegal (I think!) , its the soliciting that the law hates. In practice the police are more interested in ensuring that girls are legally here in London, not under age and not the victims of a people traficking syndicate. We are very careful to make sure that any girls who work with us are ‘legal’ and as far as I’m concerned people trafickers are scum. Once the police understand you are respectful of the rules, then they leave us to provide our best service possible and concentrate on the organised crime syndicates.

Talking of organised crime syndicates, one day I’m sure the law will be clarified and no doubt then Richard Branson will open his first Virgin Brothel and then Sterios will undercut them with his Easy Fuck and we’ll be in a price war which you will love and will no doubt put us out of business. B.y then I hope I’m on a beach in Thailand with a watermelon cocktail and some banana pancakes.

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