We live in an society where the young in particular want everything NOW. There not willing to wait and you only have to look around you at a set of traffic lights to see you will be surrounded by kids driving new cars. Well rather than critisise the young as I normally do, I’m going to back them on this one. It’s particularly true if you’ve looked on the 24carat Escorts site and spotted the London Escort of your dreams. Don’t for god sake sit back and promise yourself that one day you will give us a call and book Ramona.

Life is too short guys and the world of escorting an ever changing one. London escorts come and go and using Ramona as a good example we know that we are punching above our weight with her. I guarantee that given a bit of time, you will be seeing Ramona on other, more exclusive web sites in the future, and you will be paying 250 + for an hour of her time. So the point is don’t delay, get on that phone and book the girl ofyour choice whilst you can get an hour for 110. This is not a lie, book a girl for an Incall in the west end or an out call in Central London and you will get a full hour for 110. That is for a traditional service. Should you want something extra, extras above the everyday, then you need to talk to the girl and negociate.

If you live in Colchester, you can’t expect us to drive one of our girls to you for free. We make it as cheap as possible for you by employing our own taxi drivers, we charge you what it costs us and no more. So it’s your choice, we give you options. With the more expensive agencies they decide what  you are going to want and charge you for that without you having the option. Using the airline analogy you’re choosing between British Airways and Easy jet. We side with easy jet, no frills, unless you want them, but a budget service that does what it says on the tin.

I guess it’s up to you to decide whether you have the cash now for one of our 24 Carat girls, or you want to wait and pay more.

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