Three of the best things about London – the royal parks, the melting pot culture and the fantastic shopping – happily, occasionally, intersect. This is what happens at Marble Arch (also home of Marble Arch escorts), a junction of Oxford Street, Park Lane and Edgware Road, with the monument itself almost directly opposite Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. I think you can plan a whole day around an area like this; for instance a full morning’s shopping along Oxford Street, lunch at a smart hotel along Park Lane, an afternoon’s lazing in Hyde Park followed by dinner and drinks at one of the numerous assorted eateries along Edgware Road. Ideally of course, you’d do all this in the company of a gorgeous W1 escort, but if your wallet doesn’t allow that kind of luxury, one of these amazing girls should definitely accompany you for one part of a day like this.

For potential clients in search of escorts Marble Arch may not be the obvious destination to find their dream babe but the area is actually well covered by 24-Carat escort girls who enjoy living in such an exciting part of London. Many of the Marble Arch escorts are foreign so they love the fact that there’s blatant English history on their doorstep – the marble monument itself, even the Tyburn gallows that were once a place of public execution! The proximity of Edgware Road with its range of establishments reflecting a diverse migrant population can be useful if they’re feeling a little home sick, and the fact that within minutes they can be relaxing in Hyde Park away from the hubbub is real treat somewhere as chaotic as London. In addition, all the hotels in the area, for example along Park Lane, make for an ideal place to meet their escort. Of course, when it comes to incall escorts Marble Arch has more than its fair share, but for various reasons some clients prefer to meet in a ‘neutral’ location. For oe thing, this can be quite a convenient choice since it means they can meet their W1 escort in a nice, quiet bar for a drink, and then all going well, it’s simply an elevator ride up to a private room. Minimum time wastage!

I like to think of the Marble Arch of a meeting place – its where all the compass points converge, where the affluence of Park Lane collides with the much less wealthy Edgware Road, where a historical structure sits on an island surrounded by modern transport, and where Marble Arch escorts meet up with clients. W1 escorts are a fine bunch, living in one of the finest parts of London, and keen to share their experiences of the area with appreciative clients who are happy to dash across the road every now and then into a whole different London.

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