I’m particularly impressed with Liverpool Street escorts right now – for taking a rather ordinary, functional part of London and turning it into a hub for hedonism! Although it might not be your first choice of locale for meeting up with a gorgeous escort Liverpool Street should not be overlooked – primarily because it can be easily reached by pretty much anywhere in the city (or country, for that matter), but also because the E1 escorts in this area are absolutely red hot!

I first realised there was more to Liverpool Street than just a great big train station when I met a girl for a blind date at the nearby Great Eastern Hotel, about seven years ago. Obviously I was slightly dubious about the whole blind date thing, but had been pressured into it by several well-meaning friends who insisted the girl would be just right for me. I think my reticence must have coloured my first impressions of the girl because when she came in I though she looked a little dowdy, and our conversation at first was somewhat stilted. But as the evening wore on and more alcohol was consumed, we began getting on better and better. She let her hair down (literally), took off her cardigan and giggled quite a lot, and I realised in fact she was very attractive – and it wasn’t just the beer goggles at work! Anyway, my attraction grew and before I knew it we were at reception asking for a room. I can honestly say that was the only successful blind date I’ve had, and will forever make me think fondly of that area and the Great Eastern Hotel. Luckily, for people meeting up with Liverpool Street escorts, much of the ‘blind date’ element has been taken out of the arrangement, thanks to 24-Carat’s clear, open and user-friendly website. It’s easy to find your ideal girl by perusing the large number of very high quality photos, reading up on her info and reviews, and chatting over your decision with a member of staff if you need more help making your mind up. All this means that you can be fairly sure of what you’re getting before booking, negating a lot of the risk factor that inevitably accompanies dating someone you’ve never met. Of course, the risk is pretty low anyway since our E1 escorts are fully vetted and have proved themselves in the escort industry.

If you’re keen on arranging to visit an incall escort Liverpool Street benefits from being a small area, which means you’ll never have to walk far from the station to find the girl’s apartment. Incidentally, Liverpool Street station is the third busiest in London after Waterloo and Victoria with 123 million visitors a year! There are eighteen platforms and four tube lines –which means no excuse for not visiting the fabulous Liverpool Street escorts!

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