Musical taste is a difficult subject for people to compromise on. You will often find that when someone has a very specific genre of music that they like to listen they can be quite stubborn when it comes what they will listen to when they are around other people. For example, I have a friend that only really likes Hip-Hop and any time we are all together at someone’s house he will get noticeably agitated if someone puts on any other genre of music. Likewise with other friends that only like Drum and Bass or Indie, and it can get quite annoying when you have 3 or 4 people all fighting over what music to put on. I myself like to listen to all sorts so I don’t really mind. We were having a discussion about this at the London escort HQ and it came to my attention that the girls taste in music was all quite eclectic. Most of them stated a good few genres each of what they liked to listen to and this is quite refreshing as a lot of females I have come across in my years tend to only like certain kinds of music which often does not really agree with, I am not a massive fan of JLS or Girls Aloud i’m afraid. So having to hang out with these girls has proven quite difficult when it comes to putting on music, a problem which does not seem as though it is present with any of our escorts in London .

Of course if you are hiring a London escort then she wouldn’t really be cheeky enough to tell you what to listen to if you were to put on music anyway but it is at least nice to know that you would be hanging out with a girl that doesn’t mind not listening to chart music. This also helps when it comes to going on nights out, again I have friends that will only go to a club if it is playing the exact kind of music that they like to listen to, if not, regardless of the club and who else is going they will not be interested meaning that the people that do not mind so much will have to bend to what they want.

If you are planning a night out in a club with a London escort you can choose the club and the kind of music that you want and I am sure that you won’t be getting any complaints, if you do just take her back to yours and subject her to 2 hours of death metal, she won’t be complaining again anytime soon!

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