Ahhhh, it’s always sad to see established girls leave the Agency. It’s inevitable in this business as the girls circumstances are always changing and it always seems to be when you’re least expecting it. Any of you who actually bother to read what’s on the website will have notice me mourning the leaving of Erika 1..and obviously then extolling the virtues of Erika 2..you’ve got to bounce back havn’t you.

But seriously Erika was a little bit of a star and seemed to be a big favourite with you guys, loads of good reviews and as an illustration of how long she was with the Agency, she featured in the header graphic on the home page…that’s pretty much in at the beginning. I’m not one for change I guess and I hate goodbye’s so if I had my way all my favourite girls who’d never leave…(I didn’t mean that in a psycho way).

Maybe I should become a Mormon and take multiple wives then marry all my favourites at the Agency. I could become the Hugh Heffner of Crouch End..we’d have the equivalent of The Playboy Mansion..a mid terraced 3 bedroomed…least I’d have someone to mow the lawn for me. I’d be rubbing shoulders with The Osmond family at weekends down the church…at least we’d have a decent choir for church services. I’m not sure if Donny and the boys are still Mormons, I guess so, but it always seemed a strange set up to me and Marie…she did look awfully like Donny didn’t she? I’m wondering if Marie was just Donny at weekends? No they had the Donny and Marie show didn’t they.

Sorry we digress Corbet style so yes back to Erika. It’s a great shame that she left but then you get the bonus of Karolina returning who was a big favourite of mine as being someone who really knows how to wear stockings and suspenders. To really carry it off you need alabaster thighs and a peachy bum..God I just love that view from behind and you get hold of the reigns and take a type grip then ride for home like you’ve just jumped the last at the National and some midget on a horse is following you.

Finally as we’re talking about comings and goings I think Ramona deserves mention as a ‘Coming’. I guess it’s unlikely that you will be reading this without having first perused the girls and if so I’m guessing that you’re attentions will have already been drawn to said young lady but just in case you didn’t see her, please pop back and take a look. This girl is perfection for me..certainly in terms of Escorting looks. She’s also a lovely girl to chat to so that seals the deal but focussing on the look I would say Ramona is why escorting will never go away. What a beautiful face, what a fantastic body for love. I have to pinch myself sometimes that girls like this want to do this job and are willing to spend a bit of quality time with ordinary blokes like you and me….and I think we’ve nailed it with the price as well. It’s girls like Ramona that make my job very easy.

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