The sun might not be shining at the moment as the grey clouds continue to thicken and you may not be getting your body out to impress some of the many escorts around London just yet but I am sure that there are many of you out there shaping up to get your body ready to hit the beach this summer, or maybe even this bank holiday weekend. There are many different ways that people will choose to get fit and lose weight and put on some summer muscle, going to the gym and getting on the weights is an obvious one as is going for long runs or swimming which is often the choice of many of the London escort girls. I have asked many times how the escorts in London keep themselves looking so good, of course they eat well and go to the gym every now and then but many of them have said that the real secret is by going to classes such as Yoga and Pilates. A lot of guys tend not to want to go to these classes as they feel it may be a bit too feminine, not as masculine as going and lifting some weights, but if you go to these classes you can still mix them with doing weights in the gym and get the desired effects.

I myself had my reservations when the London escort girls suggested that I attend this sort of class but after going along to one with one of the London escorts I can honestly say that it wasn’t that bad at all. I did not want to go to one with chanting and meditating, just one that involved some good exercise and that is exactly what I got and it was surprisingly challenging. I went to the gym the morning before I went to a pilates class in the evening, I was warned by the London escort that it was probably not the best idea to do that but thinking that it was probably going to just be some airy fairy pilates class I didn’t listen, my mistake! It was actually much more difficult than I thought it would be but at the same time it was quite enjoyable, gave me a good little workout and it was something different from pounding the weights at the gym, it was nice to mix it up a bit.

If you don’t feel that comfortable going to a pilates or yoga class by yourself then maybe give one of the London escort girls a call and see if she will go with you until you feel comfortable enough to go on your own. You could get her to give you a full service massage after the class because if you underestimate it in the same way that I did then you will definitely need one! Just don’t expect to keep up with any of the escorts in London.

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