Guys visit a London Escort for all sorts of reasons but through chatting to our Escort Girls we find increasingly it seems to be due to marital problems at home. When a relationship begins to unravel it is inevitable that the intimacies that you once shared become difficult. I think the problem is that men and women are so different. You only have to watch one of those wildlife programs with whispering David Attenborough to see that the male of the species has one thing fixed in his mind…sow the seed…multiply the species at all costs. The female’s instinct is to only allow the species to be multiplied using the strongest males of the species. She got to choose the best candidate. This dichotomy has existed since we crawled out of the sea.

If you’ve let yourself go and you’ve started using your beer belly as an extra coffee table then you’re no longer the perfect mate because your ability to hunt for food for the family is impaired. If the new chest of drawers remains in the flat pack then the ‘cave’ is not being maintained and any offspring are at more risk of not developing properly. If when you should be cutting down the jungle around the cave on a Sunday, you insist on playing golf with the lads then you are putting your family at risk from a sabre toothed tiger that might be hiding in the undergrowth. Woman have these things in mind and these things have to be addressed before there can be quality cave time with man whereas man sees woman bending over the fire and that’s just about the only encouragement he needs. It doesn’t even have to be his woman..any woman bending over the fire is enough.

Ok the point I’m making is that men and women have different agenda’s and will inevitably clash. If the situation gets difficult at home the first thing to go is going to be the ‘action’ in the bedroom. If that happens, do not feel guilty about calling us and booking a London Escort. It could actually save your marriage because it immediately takes the pressure concerning the bedroom out of the equation. It leaves you free to look at what the problems are and sort them out without your trouser snake having the biggest say in the outcome. You are free to look at the situation more objectively and decide whether you love this girl or not and whether you want to spend the rest of your life with her on rational basis. I honestly believe that we can help in these situations. Let me know what you think please or your personal experiences. I’ll publish the best one.

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