Last year I was dragged to the cinema by my wife to watch the Sex and the City movie. God knows why she insisted on taking me rather than her female friends (the London escorts all went in a girly group brimming with giggles and hormones). It may have been payback for making her sit through ‘Transformers’, or possibly for not doing the washing-up the night before, or forgetting to get her favourite biscuits…actually there’s a whole list of crimes that may have earned the punishment. To be fair, the movie wasn’t that bad, although I thought the first one was better (dragged to that one too), but neither films are better than the normal episodes, which I’ve seen quite a few off by virtue of my wife’s addiction.

Sex and the City is something that men love to hate, but as my wife has been patiently trying to teach me, it’s actually a very effective manual for men who always complain they don’t understand women but really want to be successful with them. I do admit that once I get past some of the silly story lines and hideous fashion, the conversation between the characters and the dilemmas they face are quite interesting and relevant to modern dating. It is kind of fascinating to hear these women discuss the things that men do, good and bad, in such a candid way. I don’t assume the four main characters represent all modern women, but their fundamental thinking does seem to ring true for many. Having now sat through most of the series, I think any man who ignores it as a wealth of information about the fairer sex is very foolish indeed.

Sometimes clients worry about how to act when dating a busty escort in London , or a blonde escort in London. Technically, as they’ve for the date they want to have the choice of exactly what they’re going to be doing when the time comes. But some worry about not appearing gentlemanly or being too heavy etc, because they’re aware of the time limit on the date. It’s especially worrying for men that have maybe been away from the dating scene for a while, and have ‘forgotten’ how to be with a woman romantically. I.e. should they buy dinner? Just go for drinks? Invite her to the house? Not on a first date, surely! The truth is, young escorts in London have dated every type of client and are aware that they come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of personalities. They don’t worry about being taken somewhere that wouldn’t be their first choice of venue, and they don’t care if your preference is to sit in a bar or to walk along the Thames – whatever makes you comfortable will make them comfortable.

London escorts are an easygoing bunch, but if you have any niggles about the best way to conduct yourself, I’d suggest watching a few episodes of Sex and the City!

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