I am very, very glad that I have not ended up being one of those people that refuses to try foods from other cultures and other countries, both myself and the London escorts all enjoy trying different cuisines from different parts of the globe. There is so much choice out there and we are lucky enough to live in a city that pretty much offers nice food from everywhere and anywhere in the world, from Indian to Vietnamese, Tapas to Sushi there is nothing that you cannot get and it is one of the joys of life to have the privilege to try the food that other cultures indulge in. I have always thought that people that do not want to try anything else but what they are used to here in the UK are really missing out and it actually quite annoys me. Luckily most of the people that I eat with are not so fussy, the London escorts all love to dabble in different cuisines and as a result I have been exposed to all sorts that they bring back to the office, not a bad job I must say!

I have a mate that does not eat anything from anywhere else, his diet pretty much consists of chips, pies, sausages, beans and eggs, he will quite happily have eggs for breakfast, a pie for lunch and sausages and chips for dinner and then have the same again the next day but in a different order. He does not like too much flavour or too much spice and I cannot help but think that he is seriously missing out. Whenever the London escort girls see him they always try to get him to eat something different, even if it is just a spring roll or a bit of sushi but he just won’t have it, even though he is often subject to a lot of ridicule and teasing he seems quite happy with his choice, his loss  I suppose! The problem with having a diet like his is that there are not many restaurants that you can go to, of course you can go to a burger bar or pizza place but that is about as extravagant and flavoursome as it gets which is quite a shame in my opinion.

There are actually quite a few people in the UK that are like that, and it is annoying for others that are around them who then cannot indulge in other foods because they will not eating anything from an Indian restaurant or a Chinese takeaway. If you are looking for someone to enjoy the foods of the world then looking no further than the London escorts who are not only great company but know their way around world foods. Give one of the escorts in London a call and indulge your taste buds!

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