Getting Back On The Dating Wagon

Anyone who’s recently been divorced or found themselves single after al long term relationship comes to an end knows its one of the hardest things to get back onto the dating scene. Chances are you still have regrets or anger at the way it ended, directed at wither yourself or your partner. As the days go by you find yourself missing the other person, remembering all the stupid things they said and did that used to irritate you, but now makes you smile miserably.  When you get to that stage, it may be a good idea to head back out and meet new people. As a favour to recent divorcé Tiger Woods, we’ve asked our resident armchair psychologist here at 24carat (unqualified by the way, you take this advice at your own risk) for some tips to get back in the proverbial saddle.

She believes there needs to be a cooling off period between the breakup of your relationship and the post break up date. Even if you were anticipating the end, and feel a deep sense of relief that its over, the fact still remains that you invested time and emotion into this relationship, and in some ways have become attuned to your ex partner’s habits. Its like removing a plant from your carpet that’s been there for years – you’re going to notice that things look and feel different when they’re gone. Its best to take the time to acknowledge what this change means and how it is affecting you before becoming involved with someone else. Give yourself time to adjust, mourn a little if necessary, but don’t pretend things are the same – they’re not.

Once you’ve had this time to readjust, then get yourself back out there – in stages.  Let it be known that you’re available and looking, but manage it so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. Booking a London Escort is a great way to build your confidence when you’ve been out of the scene for a while.  The date with your escort girl is completely arranged by you, and you can indulge your suppressed preferences and request a Black Escort should you so please. Booking a London Escort allows you to explore options and desires you may have shelved or forgotten. Our 24carat escorts are able to put you at ease, and will enjoy the pleasure of your company. They are also very open minded, and willing to indulge your requests should you make them known.

So if you’re ready to move on, call 24carat, the best Cheap Escort Agency in London to book a date with a lovely lady. And if you run into Tiger, be sure to pass him our details. He won’t be disappointed.

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