OK, so a while back I declared that I thought cycling was pretty lame, despite speaking to many of the escorts London has dotted around the city that all told me that cycling was catching on and that it was going to become a really good way of getting around London I didn’t believe it, I was always a driver and felt as though I always should be one but look at me now, I have just gotten off of my bike after being with some of the finest escorts London has to offer and I actually really enjoy it. I had been noticing recently how popular bike riding has become in London, it is almost a little bit fashionable now from what I have seen. You go to East London and you start seeing all these people on different coloured customised bikes and it is actually starting to look like it is quite a trendy thing to do now. It must be if one of the London escort girls has started doing it and I must admit that she really did make it look quite cool and I can guarantee that the other girls will not be too far behind her, they will see that she is getting fit from it and it doesn’t look that uncool and jump straight on the bandwagon, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

With the price of transport these days (£2.20 for a bus without an Oyster card!) and the insane amounts of money that have to be spent just to run a car it is absolutely no surprise to me at all that so many people are now deciding to give bike riding a go, and why not, it is pretty much a one off payment for a bike and then you can get around pretty much anywhere free of charge, all be it at massive risk with some of the crazy drivers in London, myself being one of them. Of course one of the big drawbacks about having a bike over a car is that you cannot exactly take a London escort out on a bike, she cannot jump in the passenger seat unfortunately but the money that you save on petrol, insurance and tax you can quite easily spend on cabs if and when you need one so it can actually work out quite well.

All the buzz in the London escort office is about how cycling is basically a win, win situation, it saves money, it helps get you fit and it is good for the environment which I suppose has to be considered these days. So if one of the London escorts can ride a bike around London and still look cool then that pretty much opens it up for you guys as well so get on your bike and get one of the many escorts London has in its cycling city.

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