I know I have recently posted an article about a BBC3 program: Sun, sea and suspicious parents but I am afraid that I am going to have to mention another one. I don’t know what it is about BBC3 programs but they seem to have this highly watchable veneer about them that draws me in like a moth to a flame (or a guy to a London escort), or maybe it’s just the fact that despite having over 200 channels on SKY I can never seem to find anything half decent to watch. Anyway, the latest program on BBC3 to catch my interest was about Laura Hall, dubbed ‘the drunkest girl in Britain’.

Some of you may have read about Laura last year, she is the girl that has been banned from buying alcohol in every pub/club/ off license in the whole country. Yes, you read that correctly, the whole country! Laura, who is from a small town just outside Birmingham has been arrested and convicted over 40 times in the past year for alcohol related offenses and she has only just turned 21 years old! She has been banned from basically every nightspot in the whole of Birmingham and from watching the program

it is quite obvious that she is not just a typical teenager that likes to have a bit of a drink on the weekend, she takes drinking to a whole new level. Some of the camera shots of her whilst she was drunk reminded me of the exorcist, the girl honestly looked as though she had been possessed. Watching her and all her friends getting insanely drunk and being sick everywhere then falling over in their own sick made me really appreciate the beauty of girls like our busty escorts in London . I see the girls pretty much every day so understandably it is easy to take for granted just how gorgeous they all are, but watching that program and seeing some of those girls act in a way that should only be reserved for alcoholic men really showed me just how spoilt I have been by being surrounded by the sexy London escorts .

It is nice to be around girls with a bit of class and sophistication, not falling all over the floor and getting into fights with bouncers left, right and centre. If you want to be in the company of a classy girl then make sure to give one of our London escorts a call and don’t watch that program, it will leave you disturbed and put off.

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