On a daily basis now I have started to hear from the London escorts that there have been a lot of guys that have taken them out for a meal or to a bar and said that they would have liked to take them somewhere a bit different but they just couldn’t think of anywhere because London does not have that many alternatives to bars, restaurants and cinemas. I tend to think the same thing sometimes until I remember that London is one of the best cities on the planet and there is a hell of a lot to do if you actually bother to look for things. I have recently started to discover that there is a lot to do in East London, if you do not live on that side and you rarely venture over there then check it out there are quite a few random things to do there that should satisfy the thirst for anyone looking to fill their life with a bit of change. I was recently informed of a rooftop movie club by one of theescorts in London who had been taken there recently so I went to check it out and it really good fun, something different, affordable and in London , it is possible my friends!

The rooftop film club is a great idea for anyone looking to do something a bit different with a London escort, it is located on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton pub in ….you guessed it….Hoxton. It is running from June until September and it basically does what it says on the tin, you book your ticket for the film that you want to see, they are showing everything from old classics to new stuff) and you hope the weather holds out. If it does, which you can never be too sure of then you each sit in these big comfy chairs facing a huge screen with wireless headphones on and take in the movie whilst the sun sets, bonuses include being able to order beers and smoke if you choose to. Naturally it is quite in demand so as you can imagine it is wise to book tickets well in advance but this does not differ too much from how indemand the London escorts are so the only drawback is that you will have to make sure that the girl of your choice is available on the day of the film of your choice.

This is just one example of something different and affordable in London, there are many more where that came from as long as you take the time to go and have a look for them. London is a big place with a ton of different venues so it might take some time but when you find a little gem like this it is more than worth it, especially when you get to enjoy it with a sexy London escort.

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