I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you to know that London Escort Agencies are at their busiest on a Friday evening. I think it stems from the total euphoria that we all feel at the onset of the weekend. Friday is a special day, people seem to have bigger smiles on that day and I know when I worked in an office, Friday was always the day we managed to sneak off down the pub for an hour or two to get warmed up. I still get that feeling even though now we are entering our busiest time so the possibility of a trip to the pub is out of reach.

You can’t help but get caught up in the feeling and talking with our clients on the phone, hearing how happy they are gives me a real buzz. The great thing is that your good mood coincides with our Escort girls feelings as well because they really look forward to the weekends when it gets busy. The job can be a little boring when they are sitting around doing nothing, waiting for a phone call. A watched phone never rings but obviously they still have to be alert waiting for the call…they can’t simply switch off, go out dancing, meet friends or snuggle up on the sofa in their dressing gown and an old pair of slippers. Can’t see that you’d be that impressed to see Julia slopping up your front path is a towelling robe and furry mule slippers rubbing her eyes and yawning. So they have to be up and ready…we havn’t resorted to installing fireman’s poles yet but maybe it’s something we should think about maybe you’ve got your own firemans pole you’d like one of our London Escort girls to slide down…that’ll break the ice. I’m just imaging standing at the bottom and looking up as a dozen escorts come flying towards me out of the night sky…what a sight that would be.

Anyway the point is that we want you to know that we share your excitement, that our girls are here and ready and waiting for you to call and are happy to greet you either in their apartments dotted around Central London or be whisked by speeding taxi to your door…our aim being to arrive within 45 minutes of you booking a girl. We do our best to stick to that time frame but as you can imagine it can be difficult sometimes. Bear with us and by the time you’ve had a shower, opened a bottle of wine and ordered a take away you’ll be hearing a tap on the door and it will either be the pizza man arriving, or one of our gorgeous girls…or both we can always bring the pizza with us if you like.

So what ever your plans for the weekend can I humbly suggest that you try to fit in time for our Escort services. For our part we are here 24 hours a day 7 days a week so there is a fair chance that if you call, we will have a girl ready and waiting, day or night. We have a huge selection and include a lot of escort girls who don’t have their photos on the site yet remain some of our most beautiful women so its always worth giving us a call to see whose available.

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend.

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