Those of you that are avid festival goers will know that this time of year sees the beginning of festival season, when the myself, you guys and the London escorts all let out hair down for a few weekends here and there and indulge in some serious festival love. Anyone that has been to Glastonbury will know that it is the festival of festivals, the king of kings, it well and truly stands out as being the very best festival that the UK had to offer. Myself and some of the busty escorts in London have visited Glastonbury on a few occasions and it is honestly one of the best things that you can do over summer in the UK, without having to jump on a plane.

The problem with having been to Glastonbury is that when you do not go you have to hang around in London hearing on the news and seeing in all the newspapers how much fun everyone is having at Glastonbury. It is a time of year that I never really look forward to if I am not going and the same goes for the London escorts but the best thing to do if you didn’t manage to get a ticket is keep yourself busy over the Glastonbury week so you don’t have to think too much about what you are missing.

For those of you looking for something better to do during the Glasto week there is no better option than to spend most of your time in the company of a gorgeous female and they do not come much sexier than the London escorts. Get together with a few of the different girls over the course of a week and I can guarantee that you will quickly forget about what you are missing at Glastonbury, you will be the one sending your mates pictures of what you’re doing and making them jealous rather than the other way around.

Whether you want to go on a few good nights out or out to eat some good food the company that you keep with the London escorts will ensure that you are enjoying your week just as much as if you were at the festival, if not more! Try not to wait too long though because there will be plenty of people looking to make sure that they have a good alternative Glastonbury week and if any of them have any sense they will be ringing a the London escort girls and booking their time over that week.

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