I really don’t like doing the food shopping (straw pole: our London escorts seem to love it!). I’ve never liked it, and for several reasons. The first is that I find supermarkets really depressing places – they always remind me of my first ‘proper’ job when I was seventeen, in which I had a truly horrible time. Secondly, they’re cold, artificial and noisy. I have so little tolerance for screaming children, queues and doddery old people that on occasion I’ve found myself indulging in ‘trolley rage’ and attempting to ram offenders out of the way. The other thing I hate about food shopping is that I’m useless at making decisions, and it takes me absolutely ages to get through the store, even if it’s just the corner shop. I find it really difficult to plan ahead and think what I might want for meals that week, so instead I just end up getting way more than I actually need, just so that I’ve got all choices available in my cupboard.


I also fear running out of important things like milk and so buy gallons of the stuff. I like to compare myself to foxes, which are much maligned for not only having the cheek to kill an animal such as a chicken for food, but also killing all her sisters in an apparent mindless massacre. I must take this opportunity to stick up for my friend the fox, which of course isn’t actually just killing for fun like an evil monster. He finds himself in the midst of a load of walking food and so does what he has to in order to hopefully still have a stocked larder for later. It’s akin to people panic buying in times of national crises – or me trying to do the weekly shop and clearing half the shelves.

Anyway, the problem is that I’m spending a fortune on food and some of it never gets eaten. It pains me to see things rotting away in the fridge, especially when I went over my budget to buy it in the first place.I have the same problem to a lesser extent with other things, but still sometimes find myself buying things I don’t really need, ‘just in case’.Busty escorts in London, or blonde escorts in London are often faced with the same dilemma when it comes to buying essentials such as cosmetics and clothes. It’s understandable really, when their actual job is to go out and meet people while looking their absolute best. It does mean their bedrooms tend to be overflowing with lotions and potions, make-up, lingerie, perfumes and dresses, but I think it’s worth it when you see the results. And no girl wants to be wearing the same dress twice in quick succession, especially London escorts who literally have to dress to impress. Everyone indulges in something, I suppose. Whenever I’m feeling guilty about overspending, I always think of my Mum saying ‘It’s better to have too much than not enough’!

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