My American friend is a high-flying businessman who splits his time between New York, Hong Kong and London. His trips to London tend, unfortunately, to be very brief, sometimes for as little as a two or three nights. As the trips are nearly always at very short notice it makes it difficult for him to arrange to meet up with friends that live here, such as myself. On top of this, if he is in London on business, it tends to be because his organisation has hit some kind of problem that he needs to personally troubleshoot in the City’s branch, leading to a rather stressful few days.

He always complains that he never has enough time here to make the most of it, can’t really plan ahead for social activities, and often just has to go back to his hotel room irritable and alone in the evening.

After hearing this and realising how much it was bothering him, I realised he was a prime candidate for our London escort services ‘airport package’. For a mere £900 (ok, I know you’re thinking there’s nothing ‘mere’ about £900, but for a successful businessman like him it’s pocket money, and for what you get – it’s undeniably worth it) you have you transport to and from the airport arranged, and the company of one of our gorgeous busty escorts for a night (or non-busty, if you prefer).

It goes without saying that you can spend the evening however you like – see the sights, catch a film, go bowling (you’ll probably be grateful to not be stuck in the hotel), or, if you are too tired to gallivant around the city, enjoy some adult fun in London with your lovely young escort in the peace of your own room. She can offer you a sensual massage, or even just a friendly ear after a hard days’ work in the office.

This package is perfect for my American friend because it means that for the short time he’s in the country, he doesn’t have to spend his precious spare hours alone in a hotel room. It doesn’t matter if he only finds out he’s coming to London the day before, because the whole package can be booked at short notice. And instead of being stressed and irritable in the evenings, he can unwind with a beautiful girl who will give him all her attention.

If he’s really short on time, or trying to be more economical, it can also be arranged for the girl to only be there for an hour or two (for lower fees, obviously), leaving him free to get some well-deserved shut-eye before the 6am alarm goes again.

My friend seem really keen on the idea of the airport package, and listened enthusiastically as I told him more about the quality girls – the blonde escorts in their tight little outfits, the black escorts and their voluptuous curves, the younger girls with their in suppressible spirit. He loved the idea of knowing, while at work in the office, that in a few hours time he’d be meeting up with a beautiful London escort, exploring the South Bank with her, then finally retreating back to the hotel to luxuriate together in a sauna.

And on top of everything his transportation to the airport the following day will be all taken care of.

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